JOB SEEKERS SEGMENT: we as an NGO and people oriented organization takes diligence and hard work very seriously; therefore we frown at any slit trace of joblessness and idleness, which is the bedrock of incessant crimes and atrocities rampaging the nation today.

As a member of ADCI we have created a program and employment scheme in connection with hundreds of companies at high and lower level, as to be able to assist each member of ADCRI to be gainfully employed into any of these companies.

We tender your application letters directly to company CEO’s and ensure that you get employed. Top companies sees ADCRI as their first stop point when it comes to seeking recruitment and employment. They shop in and out of our Godly trained, nurtured and equipped members.

We run series of seminars for every of our member seeking for employment in any of his chosen field, and we teach them how to be proactive and effective in their work places when been employed. Our supervisors are always there to monitor each of our members who have gained employment already as to ascertain the growth of the company and the general welfare of our working member.

We help you get jobs within and outside the country, we have companies that are willing to accept you in various fields you qualify such as banks, aviation, maritime, hotels, churches , schools, transports, oil and gas, driver jobs, nanny, sales representative, private companies, factory works, marketers for branded products, catering services and many more.

We also have companies are organizations in Dubai, Malaysia, Uk, USA, South Africa and many more countries who are willing to employ you, and on our part we support qualified clients applying for international jobs with their visa procurement, flight tickets and accommodation.

ADCI will sponsor any of our qualified members who applied for international jobs. That’s part of our obligations.